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Why Do You Work In Home Care?

We recently asked this question of our caregivers.  Home Care Nursing it’s a very unique experience. It doesn’t suit everyone. And over the years I’ve had in-patient nurses ask me questions, almost horrified, at the thought of being alone in a home with all the responsibility on their shoulders. “ How can you do that?” My reply is always along the lines of loving the independence, the intimate relationship, the freedom and the creativity that is required.  There is so much more, as well.

Some of the replies to our question are predictable. Here is a summary of the caregivers responses; 

  • Enhance the quality of life for an elder
  • Assist an elder in remaining independent and living at home
  • Rewarding work making a difference in the life of an elder 

However, when you read the actual words that are caregivers used to express their heartfelt experience of Home Care baba baba blah 

From Linda G.: I work in home care because I love people and enjoy one-on-one care! I feel that I am a born caregiver! I love my job!!

From Chastity S.:. The Client receives all of my attention and is more comfortable in their home environment.

From Crystal E.: Working in home care allows for the client to be the main focus and allows the caregiver to provide quality care without interruption.

From Sylvie C.: Because it’s not just a job, it’s a calling………If I just needed a job I could be a cashier or dental hygienist or something else.

From Margaret H.: To assure that our elderly feel safe and provide an atmosphere where they know they matter and every detail of their care and support. Plus, I enjoy connecting and bringing Joy.

Stephanie P.:  People can talk about their anecdotes, experiences of their lives. We can spend time having good moments, memories and giving good customer service as a caregiver. 

Terry H.: Every case is different, so there’s a certain amount of adventure possible. Working with older people and helping them stay in their home seems like a worthy cause. That works for me.

From Melissa L.: I’m able to go home every day with my heart filled up knowing I was able to help and make a difference in someone’s life. During this pandemic I’ve seen many elderly people decline in their health especially due to isolation causing depression. At this time during Covid19 I feel it is crucial to take care of our elderly and not let them be forgotten and slip through the cracks.

There are so many other quotes I’d like to include here. It’s very inspiring to hear our caregivers being so passionate and wise about their clients’ needs and how to fulfill them. In the process, the client and the caregiver have an amazing increase in the quality of their lives.