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When I Talk

I have been associated with Catalina In- Home Services in different ways for over 40 years. After being the Director of Nursing, Director of Human Resources, and Director of Education I feel like I really can speak to the quality of in-home nursing services we deliver. Friends and friends of friends know that I have connections with Catalina. So, when people are considering needing support with a loved one in the home I get asked what I would suggest. I am used to responding with recommending Catalina because of their integrity, quality of service, and dedication to improving the clients’ lives.

Recently, I was just asked why someone would want to work for Catalina Home Services. A caregiver an acquaintance referred to me had recently moved to Arizona and was wanting to know how to get into home care here. I found myself being enthusiastic about how Catalina treats their caregivers. I have written past blogs about the different awards Catalina has received for their service over the years. One aspect that they have also wont recognition for is how amazing they are in taking care of their caregivers. I explained about the benefits Catalina provides to caregivers that most services in the country do not provide. Also, I talked about how they go over the top to provide holiday parties, gifts, recognition and awards to their caregivers. Many times people who have worked for Catalina for years tell me it’s the first place they’ve ever worked where they felt like someone “had their back’. We are one of the few services in Tucson that has a nurse on call 24/7 to support our caregivers and clients.

Here I am in my ’70s, supposedly retired. However, I can’t resist helping out at such a remarkable workplace. It’s not just about the wonderful service Catalina provides to elders. It’s also about all the staff and the caregivers who are so dedicated and committed to providing the service. I feel very privileged to be part of the team.