What to Look For When Comparing Home Care Companies

It can be helpful to know what to look for when interviewing home care companies.  More than 70 Tucson companies provide private pay in-home care services to seniors.  Arizona does not regulate home care providers which means that consumers should thoroughly research companies to be sure they have the expertise needed to provide high quality care.

You want to ensure your home care provider is a professional company that follows best practices for caregiving, care coordination, documentation, and other aspects of providing home care. When comparing home care providers you can narrow your search to top providers by looking for some of the following green flags.

Look for a Company with Nurses and Care Planning

Quality companies have nurses as part of a client’s care team.  Nurses collaborate with clients to make care plans and you should expect regular wellness and safety checks with your nurse as well. In additional to being available for care coordination, nurses are available to caregivers and families if any health concerns come up.

Consider Hiring a Specialist

More companies are adding more divisions to bring new health services to the home.   Some home health services are reimbursed through medicare or medicaid or through funding sources like the V.A. Often reimbursed services only provide 1-3 hours caregiver visits over a short period of time. When looking for long-term private pay care you may want to look into a company that is specialized in private pay home care. In general, these companies have a greater focus on long-term care coordination as well as long-term outcomes for their clients.

Make Sure the Caregivers are Professionally Trained

While caregiver services are non-clinical, caregivers are often involved in a client’s wellbeing by supporting safety and health management. Be sure the caregivers who will serve you or a loved one have appropriate training. It takes a special skill set to deliver quality care especially when there are additional health concerns such as risk of falling, forgetfulness and confusion, or chronic disease. The best home care providers have training spaces with skill labs where they review skills with caregivers regularly.

Your Community May Know Who to Suggest

You may know someone who is receiving or has received home care services. This can be a great starting point for connecting with a company. We also recommend reaching out to  primary care doctors, fiduciaries, or other professional or health organizations your trust such as the Alzheimer’s Association or the Pima Council on Aging, who will be able to refer you to reputable providers. You can also check for positive online reviews and professional affiliations to assure your provider is established and has a quality reputation in the community.

Look for a Company with Longevity:

With new providers coming and going all the time, it is best to connect with a company that has some experience, especially if there are any complex issues or concerns around care such as a new diagnosis, recent falls or when the client has some confusion or memory issues.

Caregiving is a uniquely personal service and consumers will want to vet providers fully to ensure reputability. Catalina In-Home Service is committed to setting the highest standard of care and continuing with all of the above best practices for coordinated and quality private home care. Use these quick links to navigate to more information on Catalina’s Care Model and the company’s story.