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Time for a new doctor?

Even though we may really like the doctor we have now we may have to change. Insurance coverage, doctor  retiring or moving to a new area can all be reasons we’re looking for a new physician. Here are some tips from Banner Health which will help make those decisions easier.


Do you have health issues you would be more comfortable discussing with someone of the same sex? Maybe this doesn’t make any difference to you.


 It might matter how old your doctor is or if they specialize in treating people of a certain age/

 Race and religion

 Does it seem important to you that your doctor understands your spiritual and cultural beliefs?


 If you need to take a bus or don’t like to travel far, where your doctor is located might be an important factor in your choice.

Care philosophy

Going to the website about that doctor may actually have a video or a couple sentences they wrote about their views and background and practice. This can give you an impression about the person you would be dealing with.


 You might want to make sure your doctor is  connected with the hospital that you would prefer to be treated in.


 If  English isn’t your first language you may want a doctor who can speak in your native tongue.


 Of course, you want to be sure that your  insurance covers your doctor’s care.

 Training and certification

 Is it important to you where your doctor attended medical school and if they are board certified  in any relevant specialty areas?

Ratings and reviews

Luckily you can go online and read what other people have said about these doctors and whether their comments make you feel more positive or negative about this choice.

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