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Summer Caregiver Appreciation Week CONTINUES

My plan was to continue from the last blog and acknowledge some more CIHS staff. I will do it next time, but since this unexpected arrival at the office I have to share.

It turns out that CIHS staff and our caregivers have what’s known as a “Mutual Admiration Society.”  Some sweet, generous souls got together and thanked the staff for our summer survival appreciation event.  A ‘thank you’ for our ‘thank you.’ What a lovely surprise from the anonymous caregivers who sent the staff flowers, candy and a heartfelt gratitude note.  

One of my roles at CIHS is to do mentor support for caregivers. Before the pandemic, I would actually go to the clients’ homes and meet with the caregivers in their work situation. After a caregiver has been with us for 90 days, I call them while they’re doing their shift. Part of what the conversation involves is going over some basic policies and procedures to refresh what they learned in orientation. The other part is to make sure if they have any questions or concerns that I can support and direct them in a way that they feel reassured and acknowledged. So many times I hear from our caregivers during these calls how impressed they are with Catalina’s support, integrity and performance quality.  It definitely warms my heart to witness how thrilled the caregivers are for possibly being supported in this way for the first time in their careers.

Yes, CIHS has a benefits package for their employees like no other service. And yes, Catalina declares that they value their caregivers. To hear specific stories  about how that shows up for these special carers is heartwarming.

These surprise gifts and thank you notes from the caregivers really shouldn’t be a surprise at all. We really do cherish them and are truly touched  to receive their gratitude.

Thank YOU, once again.