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Self Care

There is never too much information or reminders that caregivers need to care for themselves.  Many times our loved one’s needs become the focus and priority in our lives.  Having support from Catalina In-Home Services is a wonderful way to be able to take breaks and breathe a sigh of relief.

However, caring for ourselves doesn’t stop here.  Here are a few suggestions for taking care of the caregiver provided by American Association of Retired Person/

How you start your day can make a big difference in how the rest of the day goes.

  • If possible, wake up 20 minutes before you start your day and make this YOUR time.

  • Have a beverage of your choice. Hydration after a night’s sleep is key.

Simple suggestions

  • Music makes us all happier and gets our toes tapping.

  • Take a seven-minute Epsom-salt bath. It really does relax you.

  • Set up a diffuser with orange, lemon or your favorite scent.

  • Lie on the floor and invert your legs against the wall for 10 minutes.

  • When watching TV or working on the computer, put a tennis ball under your hamstring or behind your shoulder blades.

  • Turn off the news after an hour and watch something you love that is educational or funny, or read a book.

Use your breath

Breath brings oxygen into the body, and there is much science around the benefits of breathing exercise for wellness.

  • Slowly inhale to the count of 4, and then exhale slowly to 4. Continue this pattern and see if you can stretch the time longer. Repeat 3 times.

  • Breath of Fire is a yoga move that can reduce anxiety and stress. Lie in bed and put two fingers against one nostril and your thumb on the other. Block off one nostril and breathe in deeply. Then close that nostril and breathe out through the other. Continue alternating.

  • The simple act of smiling, using those small muscles to lift the face, can connect to the neurology of the nervous system and play a role in mood. It’s the old “fake-it-till-you-make-it philosophy” .

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