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Our Professional Matchmakers

In the Labor Day blog I wrote last time I promised I would continue celebrating the staff at Catalina In-Home Services.

Needless to say the scheduling team is due for a standing ovation. Many moons ago I did scheduling as part of my on-call duties as Director of Nursing for Catalina – without a computer! I can remember going through hand written index cards multiple times. Looking, looking, looking for the right person, for the right client, at the right time. It was a major challenge. Flashing forward quite a few decades, now we have fabulous software and programs to replace card shuffling. However, the job has not gotten any easier. To make sure our clients get the best match for a caregiver with matching personality, experience, and skills… Plus, giving out caregivers the type of client duties that make them exclaim, “ I can’t believe I get paid for this!”

Here a few of the challenges our schedulers face:

  • When we have an urgent new client coming out of the service needs a wonderful caregiver immediately.
  • When a client is already on the service needs a different care situation and needs a change in skill level with their caregivers
  • When a dependable caregiver calls in sick several hours before the shift.
  • When a caregiver’s car breaks down on the way to occur and shift

There are multiple stories beyond these few examples that our schedulers could regale you with for quite a while.

The schedulers are the front line support for our caregivers and clients. They receive 90% of the calls that come into our office.  Besides working a full day, the schedulers rotate “on call” which can be very busy and have dealings with unexpected events. This team is able to successfully accomplish miraculous results because of 2 processes they are masters of:

  1. They provide ongoing support and training for the caregivers and build a strong relationship.
  2. They get to know the client needs, preferences and work hard at achieving continuity of care.