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Nurses Are So Much More

All you have to do is go to this link on our website to scan the many roles and duties our RN’s fulfill. They definitely wear many more hats than their nursing caps.

Since I happen to be one of the five RN’s on the Catalina team, I want to make it clear that I am not bragging about myself. I don’t do any of the clinical duties like the other nurses do. They are the real champions of the nursing care crew. I am going to brag about them.

Once again, I am reminded of when I was Director of  Nursing at CIHS many decades ago. It was a challenging, thrilling and very satisfying service role. Today, even with the aid of cell phones, computers, and other technical advantages, these jobs are possibly even more demanding. As you may have experienced yourself or with a loved one, people are sent home much earlier from the hospital now. That means that homecare is dealing with higher acuity and  health situations with complex care plans. Our nurses are certainly up to the task. Their experience ranges from critical hospital settings, decades of hospice care, assisted living facility and more. Plus, we have RN’s on the team covering a wide age span. This provides an impressive range of experiences, perspectives and life skills. Add in coping with a pandemic very successfully and safely, and you have a group of sensational professionals.

Here is how some of our staff describe our RN’s nursing duties:

  • “Nurses have a large role at Catalina.
  • Catalina nurses are committed to supporting the clients’ care goals and assisting  them in achieving and maintaining optimum health and wellness.
  • Our nursing team is invaluable, highly respected.  They care for and support clients, caregivers and the administration team.  
  • Nursing sets the standards and practices for our high quality of care keeping Catalina’s mission strong.  
  • Being an RN based service was and is our CIHS founder, Judy Clinco’s, primary vision for home care.
  • Nurses create confidence in our service, keep our clients safe and living at home and have saved lives.
  • In addition to client care, they train, supervise and coach our caregiving team.
  • RN oversight is what distinguishes Catalina from 80% of our competitors.
  • Clients, families, POA, doctors rely on our nurses for communication. They often have to manage family dynamics while advocating for the client.
  • Yes,they are available 24/7. “ 

From being case managers,to client advocates, to clinical specialists, these RN’s carry the torch high for professional and warmhearted home care.