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Nurse Care Management

Nurse Care Management is an hourly, stand alone service for clients who require an increased level of nursing coordination and advocacy. Nurse Care Management is provided by experienced care management nurses

Nurse Care Manager - Catalina In-Home Services

Nurses make more frequent in-person home visits and increase communication with caregiver teams, clients, and families. Additional contact and reporting allows for careful monitoring and management of complex situations. Catalina nurses are available to attend appointments with other providers such as physical and occupational therapists or physicians, create enhanced reports, and coordinate family conferences to answer questions or address concerns.

Nurses perform strategic clinical coordination and communicate with physicians, pharmacists, or other providers such as fiduciaries and residential facilities. Nurse Care Management provides professional support through complex transitions such as changing living arrangements, stabilizing after a sudden and serious condition change, or initiating hospice care.

Medication Management may include communication with physicians and pharmacists, prescription reorders, and filing and organizing medication boxes. Nurses create simplified medication lists and instructions, and educate clients on proper use. When a new medication is introduced, a nurse addresses questions and concerns and assists in monitoring side effects.

Nurses assist clients to achieve the best possible outcome following procedures or hospitalizations. Nurses can help coordinate and implement physicians’ orders, visit regularly to monitor progress, and take swift action if complications arise. Careful planning and oversight by a Nurse Care Manager reduces the risk of readmission to the hospital.