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Nurse Services

Nurse Care Oversight is a free service for Personal Care Level clients. Experienced Nurse Care Managers oversee client care to help prevent hospitalizations and unneeded medical escalations.

Nursing Services - Catalina In-Home Services

A Catalina Nurse makes routine in-home visits with every Personal Care Level client. During these wellness checks, nurses take the time to build relationships with clients, family, and other care partners. In addition to monitoring existing health issues or concerns, the nurse will review the care plan and make updates as needed.  The frequency of nurse visits is determined by the number of care hours a client receives.

Nurses may make suggestions regarding health and wellness, recommend safety modifications to the home, or advise a visit to a doctor or specialist. Nurses provide clinical expertise when navigating complex decisions and transitions. Clients and families are always welcome to contact the nurse directly with clinical questions, concerns, or directives.

Catalina caregivers report directly to an Nurse Care Manager if there are clinical issues or if there is a change in a client’s condition. Through this reporting system, nurses are able to monitor and manage small health concerns. A nurse may perform an in-person visit to assess concerns and will communicate with clients or client representatives if concerns are escalating and further action is required.

A Catalina Nurses is available 24/7 for urgent needs on nights and weekends.