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Congratulations! Catalina In-Home Service has won a multiple national awards….AGAIN!

What better way to celebrate our 42nd anniversary than with more national awards! After all these years, Catalina has maintained its mission of integrity, service and supporting their caregivers. Even though a lot of decades have passed, the quality of administrative staff and caregivers never change. The devotion to providing excellent care and being of high quality service to the clients and the caregivers is still thriving at Catalina In-Home services.

From independent telephone surveys to our clients and caregivers Catalina’s overall satisfaction scores rank us as one of the primo home care services participating in Home Care Pulse’s Experience Management Program. Catalina has annually won these prizes of recognition since joining this program in 2017.  That is seven years in a row of winning these awards which show how we are doing with our clients and caregivers. This year CIHS has proven that it is the “cream of the crop” in the three areas of home care.

“Leader in Experience” award provides proof that Catalina’s service has reached the highest standard of excellence in home care.  Recipients of this award represent the top 15% of agencies participating in the HCP Experience Management Program. These home care agencies have proven that they provide quality care across every satisfaction category measured by HCP. This annual award is based on the results of our client and care professional experience surveys.  It also requires that we earn both  the Provider and Employer of Choice Awards for the year– which we did!

“Employer of Choice” award is based on caregiver satisfaction ratings collected via telephone interviews by HCP, an independent satisfaction research firm. Agencies that have earned this award are best-in-class for caregiver satisfaction.



“Provider of Choice” award is based on client satisfaction ratings. These home care agencies are best-in-class for providing quality care to their clients. This recognition assures that the agency is trustworthy and has proven their ability to provide outstanding in-home care services.