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In These Unprecedented Times, We Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends

2020 has been a year like no other in recent memory. In the spring, many of us were convinced that a few weeks of self-isolation would put us on the far side of the deadly Coronavirus. However, those few weeks turned into months, and now we are nearing a year of living dangerously.

The pandemic has been especially hard for seniors, those with limited mobility, and other vulnerable community members who are cut off from friends and family and who may also be struggling to navigate the new world of virtual medical visits and ordering necessities online.

Even prior to the arrival of Covid-19 in the U.S., an estimated 25% of adults over 65 were identified as socially isolated. Now, with stay-at-home orders in place in many communities, that number is likely much higher. We know that disconnection and loneliness can lead to despondency and confusion, but they can also increase the incidence and severity of life-altering illnesses such as dementia, heart disease and stroke. And behavior as simple as failing to adhere to a proper schedule of medication and dosage can quickly move an individual with a manageable illness into a severely compromised medical state. In order to continue to live their lives in comfort and safety and to experience peace of mind, vulnerable folks need reliable support now more than ever.

At Catalina In-Home Services, we have seen a marked increase in people’s desire to stay safe in their own home with the support of a reliable, respectful caregiver, as opposed to making a move to a group environment where statistically the exposure rate is many times greater. The good news is that there are viable, affordable ways we can provide that support when assistance is required. 

Catalina In-Home Services has been providing compassionate care and support tailored to the specific needs of Tucson residents for almost 40 years. Regular visits from a familiar caregiver also provides the socialization so desperately needed by many. An experienced member of our team stands ready to provide you and your loved ones with the assistance you deserve.

Call us to discuss how we can best assist you and your loved ones to survive and thrive during this pandemic and beyond. We are available 24/7 at 520-327-6351.