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Home Is The Safest Place To Be!

If we have learned anything during this first half of 2020, it is that home is the safest place to be! There, surrounded by our creature comforts and, often, with the companionship of those we love, we can relax and pretend for the moment that all’s right with the world. We can read, converse with family members in person or by phone, get in touch with friends via email, eat when hunger strikes us, or watch a TV program of our choice.

But what if one day, due to health and safety concerns, you found you couldn’t cope with even the simplest activities of daily living, couldn’t remain in your home because it just wouldn’t be safe to do so? Very often, that’s the situation faced by seniors in our community and also by those with debilitating conditions, and it’s a bit frightening to contemplate moving to a group setting when home is where you want—and probably ought—to be.

Just under 40 years ago, Catalina’s founder, Tucson resident Judy Clinco, RN was faced with that very dilemma. Her mother required caregiving—help with medications, light housekeeping, and personal services—and another pair of well-trained watchful eyes to keep her safe and independent in her own home when Judy couldn’t be present. Ever resourceful, Judy saw a need and determined to fill it—and Catalina In-Home Services was born!

Today, Catalina is a well-staffed award winning home care company, but the need Judy identified as her mother’s daughter has never been more apparent than it is in the current environment of COVID and confusion. Why not call us to see how we might help you or a loved one remain safe and independent at home—and be sure to ask about the extra precautions we are taking to keep COVID-19 at bay.