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Caregiver Services

Supportive Care

An introductory level of care for clients living independently. Available Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Supportive Care provides for practical household management and social support. Caregivers may perform a variety of tasks.

Private Duty Nurse - Catalina In-Home Services

Caregivers provide a vehicle or drive a client’s vehicle to appointments or social engagements. Caregivers may run errands on behalf of clients such as picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy or going to the dry cleaners.

Caregivers may assist with nutritious meal planning, preparation, service, clean-up and grocery shopping.

Caregivers build social relationships with clients. Activities may include participating in hobbies and outings, going for walks, holding friendly conversation, or helping to keep up with a personal calendar.
Caregivers may help bring in the mail and newspaper, water potted plants, and help with pet care. Caregivers maintain a tidy and clean space and can perform basic light housekeeping in the kitchen, main living area and client’s bathroom and bedroom. Tasks may include laundry, sweeping, and mopping.

Caregivers report condition changes and clinical concerns to a Nurse Care Manager as necessary. Please note, if caregivers are reporting to the nurse frequently, Personal Care Level Services may be required.