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Hiring Respite Care

Hopefully you read the last blog about the benefits of respite care. Here is a statistic that is mind boggling:

For 66 to 96 year old caregivers, their dying risk increases by 63%.

Poor sleep, not eating well, not getting exercise, and stress definitely impact the older care provider. Why does this happen?

  •  Barriers to self-care
    • Guilt: no one can do as well, Can’t put yourself first

You have never delegated jobs in the past, Can’t put yourself first

It is important to set goals to take care of yourself.  They can be “baby steps.”  That means making the goals realistic with your time and energy limitations. Eating at least a piece of fresh fruit once a day.  Going outside for 5 minutes and letting the sun shine on you. Calling a friend you enjoy for a quick chat.

Start seeking solutions and experimenting with ways to get support. Asking for assistance can be daunting in itself. Here are a few tips.

  • Have a list of what you need help with. Housekeeping? Shopping? Personal care?
  • How to ask: think of the people you know, make requests of appropriate ones by the skills they have, their availability,  their willingness.  Be prepared for a “no” and know you can ask someone else.

It could be time to consider hiring a caregiver as a favor to yourself and your loved one.

Hiring Caregivers To Give You ALL Support

Once you decide that it’s a good idea to get some respite or supportive care for your loved one to take care of both of you, now what? How do you decide what you need help with and where to get the help?

First of all consider these areas:

  • Housekeeping chores: cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry
  • Personal care: bathing, personal grooming, transfers, toileting
  • Health care: transportation to appointments, in home professional supervision of medicines
  • Emotional care: companionship, increased quality of life activities

These are just a few of the many tasks that you’ve been performing all on your own. Decide which of these either you don’t want to do anymore, are having difficulty with, or would be easiest to delegate.

To hire someone privately can seem overwhelming. Finding recommendations from trusted family or friends. Having the responsibility of the caregivers’ taxes,background check, etc.

Luckily, a simpler way is to engage the services of a Home Care Agency. All of the above concerns are already handled. Plus, you have a resource of caregivers with multiple skills, different schedules, and easily found substitutes. If you have long-term care insurance this will usually cover home care services.

Check out Catalina In-Home Services website for their credentials, awards, and the way they train and monitor their caregivers.

For more information about considering hiring someone to help you and your loved one go to the Family Care Alliance website.