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Free Loft Cinema Tucson Community Event

Having the conversation about planning for our loved ones and our own death can be difficult for some people. There is a national movement promoting ways to initiate talking about what we want in terms of healthcare towards the end of our lives, what kind of funerals we may want, and other future decisions that need to be made legally and personally.

National Healthcare Decision Day is being celebrated in Tucson at The Loft theater this April. It’s a chance to get information and insight into how we want to be preparing, discussing and deciding what it is that we and our loved ones will prefer before and at death.

Advance care planning involves discussing and preparing for future decisions about your medical care if you become seriously ill or unable to communicate. Topics to be covered include organ donation, advanced directives for dementia, getting your affairs in order, and much more.

Fill in the blank “Before I die I want to ___________________” by texting your reply to 520-907-5207.

Speakers at the event include:

Our nurse, Liz, will be speaking about The role Catalina in Home Services plays with clients and their families on the journey towards the end of their lives. This journey may be longer than people anticipate. and the road may be filled with detours and bumps that we weren’t expecting. Liz will share stories of how our caregivers and the staff have assisted the entire family to provide quality of life and support throughout this last odyssey.

Our caregivers have all been specially trained in hospice care. Catalina coordinates our service with any hospice that may also be involved in the clients dying process. Families report such peace of mind, being able to sleep and to relax  knowing that their loved one will not be alone because all details of their care are being handled expertly. The dying family member can also be at peace knowing that his or her family is supported and they are not a burden.

Please come to this event which is free and open to the public and caregivers. You owe it to yourself and your family members to be prepared.