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General Questions

In urgent situations, care can be coordinated in less than 12 hours. Most clients start care 2-7 days after their complimentary home visit. Call us at (520) 327-6351

Catalina’s minimum shift length is four hours for day shifts and 10 hours for night shifts. Service is available short term or ongoing, from a single four hour shift to 24/7 care.

Light housekeeping is provided in home areas used by the client including kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. It can include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, changing client linens and doing laundry, taking out garbage and recycling, and tidying up.  Catalina is not a cleaning service, and light housekeeping tasks may not account for more than half of the time a caregiver spends with a client.

Planned or unplanned changes in caregiver’s personal schedules may cause adjustments to a client’s schedule.  A different caregiver will fill the shift and Catalina strives to place caregivers already known to the client.

Occasionally, a client and a caregiver are not a good fit. Catalina Care Coordinators and nurses will work together to select a different match.

Financial Questions

The cost of home care varies with care level and the number of hours a client receives services. Catalina can provide prospective clients with accurate estimates for weekly and monthly costs based on your current care needs.  A growing body of research suggests that home care reduces healthcare costs through preventive care measures and thoughtful, proactive planning for the aging process.

Care is paid for by an individual, private or family trusts, and most long-term care insurance policies. Medicare does not cover in home caregiving services.  It is not uncommon for Catalina clients to receive medicare services in addition to Catalina Services.

All Caregiver Services and Nurse Care Management Services are billed hourly. Invoices are issued weekly. Catalina accepts checks, automatic transfers, pre-payments, and credit cards.

Catalina will support you with activating your policy. We are happy to forward copies of your care logs, invoices, any additional information required by your insurance providers on a weekly basis.  Frequently, policies require a minimum number of caregiver visits before reimbursements begin.

Home care expenses may be tax deductible if prescribed in writing by your doctor.  Contact your tax preparer for details. Catalina can furnish clients and fiduciaries with copies of bills, year-end summaries, and any additional financial paperwork.

When is Care Recommended?

This may happen when a client is no longer able to safely drive, starts using a walker, requires assistance preparing meals, or needs help getting to appointments.  Catalina provides care and support that allows our clients to continue living at home with as much independence as possible.

Falling: Catalina works with our clients to manage preventable fall risks by providing assistance with activities like showering or climbing stairs. Additionally, the nurse will make suggestions for home safety as needs change.

Confusion: Catalina is very experienced in managing and caring for clients with any level of confusion, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Our caregivers and nurses act with thoughtful patience and ensure that medication is being taken properly, appointments are not missed, and that clients feel supported.

Isolation: Changes in health such as loss of mobility, experiencing forgetfulness, or the onset of a chronic condition can be frustrating, scary, or depressing. Caregiving ensures regular socialization and the opportunity to engage with the community. The nurse can recommend tools for coping or managing with health changes or may suggest meeting with a specialist.

Frequent or sudden changes in medical conditions can lead to a maze of questions, new providers, and additional care needs.  In addition to the support that comes from putting caregiving in place, Catalina can facilitate coordinated care and provide expert advice when navigating a new diagnosis, significant changes in condition, or a discharge from the hospital.  Catalina may recommend Nurse Care Management in complex circumstances.

In home caregiving is a great option for seniors who live far from family. Catalina caregivers help maintain stability in the home.  Regular caregivers are familiar with their client’s health needs and will call a Catalina Nurse if there are concerns or changes. Additionally, Catalina can keep families updated with changes in a loved one’s condition.

Sometimes hospitalizations are unavoidable.  Catalina makes it possible to return home as soon as possible. Caregiving supports a smooth transition home and helps clients achieve optimal wellbeing.  Putting home care in place reduces risk factors for rehospitalization such as re-injury, infection, or neglect of discharge orders.

Catalina specializes in 24/7 care for both short term and long term needs.  24/7 care may be required after a serious fall, if a client is receiving hospice or is bed-bound, or if a client cannot be left unattended due to advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s. Services can often be provided at the Personal Care level.