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Example of Teamwork

You may have read my last post on continuity of care which is so important for developing the client and caregiver relationship. And, relationship is what professional and compassionate caregiving is all about.

Catalina’s caregivers receive a lot of compliments and praise from our clients and their families about the quality of the service they receive.  They also comment on the true caring and quality of life the relationship creates.

Another important part of creating this winning combination is the teamwork our service provides.  It is of critical importance to report changes in condition and to work as a caring team.  Kim Vornholt, RN, Catalina In-Home Services Care Manager, shared this story of how one of our amazing caregivers and RN’s teamed up to provide comforting, quality and professional services for a client. Hooray for the team!

Our Catalina caregiver called nursing with a report of a client having multiple episodes of diarrhea in the morning. The RN swiftly responded by getting orders from the nurse practitioner for an anti diarrheal medication.  Our RN delivered the anti diarrheal medication and disposable briefs to the home. The Catalina caregiver called back in the afternoon to report episodes of vomiting with the same client. Again, our nurse acted promptly by calling the nurse practitioner. She received orders to have a company come out that evening and do intravenous hydration. Thanks to the quick reporting by the caregiver and the rapid response of our RN and the nurse practitioner the Catalina client did not have to make an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

This is a great example of good communication and teamwork in action. Fortunately, it’s not the only story of the great cooperation, communication and quality of care Catalina’s caregivers and staff create with their teamwork.