NOW HIRING trained, experienced caregivers!


 I remember when I was a hospice home care nurse, when there were only eight hospices in the country,  the wife of the hospice client told me gratefully how much she appreciated me being her crutch. I realized then, that what she really needed was a tool to learn how to cope with losing her husband and to survive afterwards. That is what  truly caring, experienced and trained caregivers can provide- a set of tools, rather than a crutch to cope with and support our loved ones on this final odyssey.

Catalina provides care from helping a very high anxiety client have a first bath in ages to palliative and hospice care. Our caregivers report back about the devotion, compassion, dignity and respect for clients that they feel. That Catalina has their back and supports in ways they haven’t experienced in other jobs. Our RN’s are available 24/7. They are in  good communication with the families, caregivers and Hospice to coordinate the best possible care for the quality of life that everyone deserves.

If you check out other home care services, be sure to ask if they provide the same continuity of care Catalina does. Before a client comes on to the service, one of our RN’s goes out to assess their needs. She also finds out special characteristics that client would like in their caregiver.  Are they an animal lover? Do they want someone quiet or talkative? Do they want someone that speaks their native language? Then we check with our caregivers to make sure that they are as much of a match as possible. The caregiver calls our office after the first shift to report how it went.  Catalina then also checks with the client to see how they viewed the encounter. As much as possible, we send the same caregiver or caregivers to the client. We know how important it is to develop that special relationship.

 These are just a few reasons Catalina In-Home Services is respected in this community and keeps winning national awards.