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Client Appreciation

Isn’t it interesting how what you focus on attracts more of what we’ve been focusing on? I have been concentrating the last few blogs on acknowledging our wonderful staff. Recently we’ve gotten two powerful messages from our clients’ families about how amazing CIHS service is.

Here are a few excerpts from our clients’ families.

We received a call to acknowledge the care and attention a son’s mother is receiving from Catalina.  He spoke about the attentiveness and immediate response of the office staff. He gave special thanks for caregivers, Rosalva, Sylvie, and Sarah. Most notably, this grateful  son wanted to praise the professional and compassionate care Nurse Sondra is providing for his mother . 

He feels she has gone “above and beyond” in her compassionate duties.

Another grateful son wrote to a RN Care Managers now that his mother has been moved to an assisted living facility he wanted to express his gratitude for the care she received at home

“This move was by no means the result of our lack of satisfaction with Catalina’s services for my mother over the past 14 some months — far from it!

It’s just that the level of care and attention mom had come to require was exceeding the ability of me and my sister to provide, especially when there were no other caregivers here at my home. Anyway, I just want to say with all my heart, I’m so thankful and happy that I chose Catalina for her home care while she was here!

I cannot imagine that anyone could’ve been more helpful, hard-working, and lovingly compassionate with my mother than her caregivers for the last year, Terry and Lisa!  (Or any of the other caregivers who were coming here in the first few weeks, before we settled in with those two.)

Lisa and Terry went above and beyond (in my opinion) to make her comfortable and clean, and to see that she was well-fed and attended to.  I can’t count the hours that they both patiently engaged her in conversation (often, the same one — you know how it is), or read to her, played games with her, etc., etc.

While always demonstrating an exceptionally high level of professionalism, they also managed to make my mother feel like she had gained two loving friends.

And I don’t forget all the other folks I dealt with at Catalina, including the super-efficient Danielle and Allison, and everyone else in scheduling whom I called/emailed/texted this past year — often, in a state of panic, or at least very high anxiety.

OR if no names: super-efficient staff in scheduling

And last but not least, my gratitude and thanks to you: you were the first person from Catalina whom I saw at my home, and you’ve been incredibly helpful ever since.  (After all, if it weren’t for your recommendation, I doubt I would’ve gotten Mom signed up with ElderHealth at Home, and the awesome doctor.)

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Catalina to any friend or family member (or heck, total stranger) who is looking for home caregivers for a loved one.

Again, my sincerest gratitude, and most heartfelt thanks!”

Both sons used the phrase ‘above and beyond.’  That is not just a coincidence. That is the motto for Catalina’s care and assistance.