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Chronic and Meds

Many of us are aware either through an older parent or our own experience that taking more than one medication at a time can cause side effects that we weren’t expecting. According to the National Institute of Health, “Chronic health conditions can complicate the effects of medications. 80% of older adults have at least one condition.” A few examples of chronic conditions are high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, respiratory problems and bowel disease. This means that it would be a real advantage to have a medical expert as an advocate when someone you love or yourself has a chronic ailment and is taking medications that could lead to complication. The most common issues regarding seniors and medication:
  • Misunderstanding instructions in a properly taking medications
  • Missed or incorrect doses
  • Allergic reactions
  • Perceived cost of the medication
  • Unfulfilled prescriptions
  • Inappropriate storage of medications
When you have a healthcare service in your home like Catalina in Home Services, we can provide professional health care experts to prevent some of the complications that can arise from those issues. Here are just a few of our services that can help in this area:
  • Medication reminders for the client
  • Caregivers can assist in tracking medication times and recording intake
  • Report any side effects to family or appropriate medical professionals
  • Completed inventory of medication upon start of service to report if doses are missed
  • Help coordinate services to pick up medications from the pharmacy
These and other of our home care services can provide the benefit of increasing compliance to medications, early detection of side effects or complications, and help Implement a treatment plan created by our Medical professionals.