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Why Do You Work In Home Care?

We recently asked this question of our caregivers.  Home Care Nursing it’s a very unique experience. It doesn’t suit everyone. And over the years I’ve had in-patient nurses ask me questions, almost horrified, at the thought of being alone in a home with all the responsibility on their shoulders. “ How can you do that?” … Read more

Enjoying the Holidays

Enjoying the Holidays Gratitude is a frequent theme through this festive season. We have addressed being thankful in many ways in other blogs. However, it seems even more appropriate now that we are approaching this winter cycle of celebrations. At Catalina, we are grateful for all of our administrative staff and caregivers who have been … Read more

Nurses Are So Much More

All you have to do is go to this link on our website to scan the many roles and duties our RN’s fulfill. They definitely wear many more hats than their nursing caps. Since I happen to be one of the five RN’s on the Catalina team, I want to make it clear that … Read more

Our Professional Matchmakers

In the Labor Day blog I wrote last time I promised I would continue celebrating the staff at Catalina In-Home Services. Needless to say the scheduling team is due for a standing ovation. Many moons ago I did scheduling as part of my on-call duties as Director of Nursing for Catalina – without a computer! … Read more

Summer Caregiver Appreciation Week CONTINUES

My plan was to continue from the last blog and acknowledge some more CIHS staff. I will do it next time, but since this unexpected arrival at the office I have to share. It turns out that CIHS staff and our caregivers have what’s known as a “Mutual Admiration Society.”  Some sweet, generous souls got … Read more

And the beat goes on…

Here we are again with a rise in the COVID-19 cases. Just when we were getting used to not wearing masks so often, going out for a meal and relaxing our defensive attitudes. Many of us are in denial that we have to take safety measures again to protect ourselves and others. It seems like … Read more

TUCSON OPINION: Long-term care in need of a reboot

The following is the opinion and analysis of the writer: If you’re an older adult, you should know — and care — about the crisis in the longterm care industry, because it could impact you personally. I’m talking about the dire shortage of direct care workers. These caregivers provide nonmedical support for frail seniors and … Read more

End of Life

Here are two words that may make you stop reading this blog: aging and dying. Luckily, both of these issues are coming out of the closet and allowing people to make future planning easier. Now that Medicare pays for doctors to actually talk with their patients about end-of-life issues, this could be another incentive for … Read more