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Catalina Caregiver Appreciation Week

Catalina Caregiver Appreciation Week

You might be surprised by the wording of Catalina and home services mission statement.

“Honoring employees and caring for seniors in our community through high-quality personalized home care and health services that set the community standards and improve the lives we touch.”

Catalina definitely takes us those first two words very seriously. In July, we hosted a whole week of acknowledging our amazing caregivers. Besides socializing and catching up with each other, there was a theme of celebrating and showing gratitude to our “cream of the crop” caregivers.

On the CIHS website they are referred to as our Premier Caregivers:

“Catalina caregivers share the company values of honesty, respect, integrity and teamwork.

Catalina looks for caregivers that will be good long-term placement and work with clients to refine their caregiver routine.”

Less formally, we consider them a group of amazing people with a whole range of skills and beautiful hearts. We rely on them to give the best care to our clients. Catalina is always looking for ways to recognize these wonderful workers.

Appreciation week included lovely decorations, food, raffle, gift bags and wonderful connections. It was a mutual admiration society. During COVID19 we had some new administrative staff join us.  It was also an occasion for them to meet our new nurses and Human Resources Director.

Caregiver Responses
Thank you

Here are some of our caregivers responses on our survey asking:

“What I like best about working for CIHS.”

-The professionalism in the office…they are only a phone call away. 

-Good people, good hours.

-They have a flexible schedule and the people in the office are very good. They are always ready to listen to your problems and help. 

-Everyone is kind, caring and understanding.

-So far I felt more compassion and attentiveness in the level of care from staff for the client as well as myself compared to the previous In Home care companies that I have been with. 

-How the whole team is always there for us to answer any question no matter the time. 

-Team work; I feel we all come together to accomplish our goals as health care professionals. 

-That I am appreciated and treated very well. 

-I can truly say I love going to work!

-Knowing the office staff will help you navigate any concerns. 

-My ability to communicate directly with our nurses when I have concerns about my clients. I appreciate the warmth of the staff and the encouragement I receive from them. 
As you can see, our caregivers really like working for CIHS and with our clients. They are a treasured group of valuable people who we cherish and respect. Our clients and we are lucky to know them.