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Personal Caregiver

Personal Care

A highly customizable care level that provides for expanded Caregiver tasks and Complimentary Nurse Care Oversight. Schedules can be tailored to almost any client circumstance, from as little as four hours of care per day, to overnight care, and 24/7 care. Personal Care is the most common care level.

Private Elderly Care - Catalina In-Home Services

Caregivers provide meaningful companionship and may assist with transportation, kitchen duties, and household chores. Supportive Care Level services detailed above.

Caregivers can assist a wide range of mobilities, supporting movement such as standing from a low chair, using a walker or wheelchair, transferring in and out of a vehicle, and dressing.

Caregivers can assist with grooming, oral hygiene, showers, bathing, and toileting.

Caregivers can give reminders to take medication correctly, assist with physical therapy exercises, implement and maintain nutrition guidelines, and help keep medical equipment clean, organized, and stocked. Caregivers can assist with checking vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure, or help to monitor blood sugar, weight, or other areas of concern.

Caregivers report to and receive instructions from a Nurse Care Manager if there are any clinical questions or concerns regarding client care. Catalina Nurses may follow-up with a home visit, update a client’s care plan, or coordinate with the client’s physician. To learn about how this system keeps clients safe and healthy by preventing hospitalizations and unneeded medical escalations, read more about Nurse Care Oversight.

Catalina specializes in 24/7 care for both short term and long term needs.  24/7 care may be required after a serious fall, if a client is receiving hospice or is bed-bound, or if a client cannot be left unattended due to advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Catalina is experienced in delivering care for clients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, respiratory disease, and other advanced conditions. Catalina also provides service alongside palliative care and hospice care.

Caregivers can provide transportation to and from appointments, and assist with settling and reorienting in the home after a clinical procedure. Please note, Enhanced Personal Care may be required after major surgery.

Clients may receive assistance with meals and Personal Care Level tasks in the evening and morning. An overnight caregiver provides the added safety of having on-call assistance through the night. Clients provide caregivers with a bedroom for sleepover shifts.

When two clients live in the same residence, care can be provided by one caregiver. Please inquire with a Care Coordinator for more information.

One-on-one care can be arranged and provided when in a hospital. In this stressful time, a trained Caregiver will be at your bedside to support your safety and that your basic needs are met. It allows family members to have peace of mind knowing you are not alone. To ensure your hospital stay has the best possible outcome, a Caregiver by your side will be your advocate to work with hospital staff to enhance a rapid, successful recovery.