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Care of the Carers of Caregivers

If you’ve been keeping up with all of these blogs you will notice there’s been a general theme of self-care for people caring for a loved one. At Catalina our caregivers need to be supported in the amazing tasks and duties¬† they perform for our clients. Our caregivers are dedicated, caring, skilled and responsible special people.

What we all have to keep in mind is all of the support these caregivers need to continue doing this wonderful service. Their support falls on the very capable shoulders of the Catalina In-House administrative staff. Over the past 15 months these employees have been working mostly from home, utilizing all of their skills to keep Catalina’s excellent service at the standard that we have been providing for 40 years. Sometimes it has been a huge struggle and stressful process. Having to make constant changes as the Covid standards of care kept evolving, has been taxing for the office staff especially.

Now, all of these administrators are working in the office again. Yet another adjustment and more changes are being asked of them. Being the superior and excellent people that they are, they always made the challenges with enthusiasm and energy. And how long can we all do this type of balancing act if we don’t recharge our spirits?

That is why we have to follow our own advice and be sure to take care of the carers of our clients’ caregivers. Quite a mouthful, but the meaning is most important. Speaking of a mouthful, our new Human Resource Director, Cindy, came up with an idea to help us all reconnect, rejuvenate and relax. An ice cream social is just the ticket. Laughing and talking over a cool dessert is a great way to lighten up and communicate.

We had lots of stories of childhood memories connected to ice cream. Judy Clinco, our founder, talked about having ice cream every day when her dad would go to buy cigarettes and the paper. Some of us liked to make soup out of our bowls of ice cream. The vote was pretty much a tie for whether you like Eegees or shaved ice. Since our team is made up of all age groups, the younger folks were stunned by stories of the Snoopy snowcone maker, five and dime stores, and making your own icy confection with the frost accumulated in the refrigerator freezers in the good old days. Of course, we had to move onto chocolate discussions. We were tied again over whether people preferred milk or dark.

As you can see we had a wonderful frivolous time. It got our creative juices flowing as well. Next month we are planning a caregiver appreciation event. Besides receiving a Summer Survival Kit, caregivers can have refreshments and many ways to enter a raffle for lovely prizes.  

One of our newest nurses, who has worked for many decades, shared that while being at Catalina she has witnessed our service as having the best performance in any healthcare system she’s worked in. She is also super impressed by how we take care of our clients, our caregivers and each other. As I scooped another spoon of creamy, sweet and cold delicacy into my mouth, I couldn’t agree with her more.