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Myths About Dementia

Many years ago when I developed a course to certify Home Care nurses aides  I definitely emphasized that the aging brain did not deteriorate..  It is not a given that all “old people” will develop

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Care of the Caregiver

Just getting through the holiday season is enough for some people to feel exhausted  by now. If we add on the extra stress of also being a caregiver these people can be experiencing overwhelm in

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Why Do You Work In Home Care?

We recently asked this question of our caregivers.  Home Care Nursing it’s a very unique experience. It doesn’t suit everyone. And over the years I’ve had in-patient nurses ask me questions, almost horrified, at the

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Enjoying the Holidays

Enjoying the Holidays Gratitude is a frequent theme through this festive season. We have addressed being thankful in many ways in other blogs. However, it seems even more appropriate now that we are approaching this

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Nurses Are So Much More

All you have to do is go to this link on our website to scan the many roles and duties our RN’s fulfill. They definitely wear many more hats than their nursing caps. Since

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Client Appreciation

Isn’t it interesting how what you focus on attracts more of what we’ve been focusing on? I have been concentrating the last few blogs on acknowledging our wonderful staff. Recently we’ve gotten two powerful messages

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