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The Best Is Yet To Come 

The New England Journal of Medicine published some information about how plastic the brain of an elderly person is than was previously believed. George Washington University College of Medicine states that the right and left

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Self Care

There is never too much information or reminders that caregivers need to care for themselves.  Many times our loved one’s needs become the focus and priority in our lives.  Having support from Catalina In-Home Services

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Depression in the Elderly

I’m continuing with the mental health theme for this blog because depression is such an important issue in older adults. Here are some statistics:  Up to 20% of older adults  and up to 37% of

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Medicine Safety For Older Adults

For fourteen years I worked at the Arizona Poison and Drug Information center (APDIC) as their nurse health educator.  In my opinion, this service is one of the best kept public health secrets in the

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