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Self Care

Caregivers are notorious for not taking care of themselves. We can get into the mode of feeling that everything has to be done for our loved ones or clients at the expense of our own

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 I remember when I was a hospice home care nurse, when there were only eight hospices in the country,  the wife of the hospice client told me gratefully how much she appreciated me being her

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Example of Teamwork

You may have read my last post on continuity of care which is so important for developing the client and caregiver relationship. And, relationship is what professional and compassionate caregiving is all about. Catalina’s caregivers

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Going the extra mile

Catalina In-Home Services is proud of our caregivers every day. Here is a true story about  just how amazing  our staff is. You don’t know her, but Catalina had a client this March we’re going

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