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Feeling Renewed in the New Year

At the beginning of a new year, many of us create resolutions or intentions for an improved quality of life in some way. It’s a chance to feel some revival, new energy, and a fresh

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Top Workplace Award!

Catalina In-Home Services has done it again. Another award!  Below are the nuts and bolts about how we were selected to receive this honor.  Our caregivers are the best, and they think we are too.

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Time for a new doctor?

Even though we may really like the doctor we have now we may have to change. Insurance coverage, doctor  retiring or moving to a new area can all be reasons we’re looking for a new

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Stories of care and quality of life

If you want to hear some stories about how Catalina In-Home Services supports our clients’ health, wellbeing  and independence please come to a special event.  Our RN, Liz Barta, will be the featured story teller

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