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The New Aging

The need for home care services is rising and only becoming more critical. When we look at some of the following statistics from the Population Reference Bureau we can see why. “The current growth of

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I woke up this morning feeling a bit “less than”.  You know what I mean- a little  down on myself.  I realized what I needed was to be kind to myself as well as others. 

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A Friend in Need

Recently, a good friend of mine took a nose dive. They have a chronic condition that can be unpredictable, causing crises here and there. Many times in the past they’ve had to go to the

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Chronic and Meds

Many of us are aware either through an older parent or our own experience that taking more than one medication at a time can cause side effects that we weren’t expecting. According to the National

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When I Talk

I have been associated with Catalina In- Home Services in different ways for over 40 years. After being the Director of Nursing, Director of Human Resources, and Director of Education I feel like I really

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Ageism in Home Care

At Catalina In-Home Services we want to promote respect, dignity and compassion by training our caregivers to follow the philosophy of anti-ageism. If you’re an older adult, or have a strong relationship with one, you

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