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And the beat goes on…

Here we are again with a rise in the COVID-19 cases. Just when we were getting used to not wearing masks so often, going out for a meal and relaxing our defensive attitudes. Many of us are in denial that we have to take safety measures again to protect ourselves and others. It seems like just too much to have to deal with this another time.

It’s a real challenge to be patient and follow refreshed and new guidelines yet again. I think this philosophy illustrated below is helpful in supporting our acceptance of what we must do for ‘The greater good.”

CIHS  is  definitely taking urgent and appropriate steps towards responding to this new phase of variant disease invasion. I actually call it the “deviant”  because I see it as a sneaky and cunning action

Here is what we are advising all of our caregivers:

Due to the increase of COVID19 cases because of the Delta variant we have adopted a new COVID19 interim policy to help keep us all safe. Below is the new COVID19 Travel/Event Policy. Please read the policy and email me back with your name and the date so that I can document that you have received and reviewed the new policy. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Interim Policy – Return to Work After Out of State Travel or Attendance at Large Events

Catalina In Home Services is implementing an interim COVID-19 Return to Work Policy for persons returning from out of state travel or large events taking place indoors. This policy is intended to provide a reasonable expectation of a safe work environment for all staff, under currently known information regarding COVID-19 breakthrough infections in vaccinated persons. For purposes of this interim policy, large events are defined as events where more than 50 people are in attendance.

This policy applies to any event that meets this definition, regardless of its location as an indoor or outdoor event . Catalina is taking this action based on the developing data around breakthrough infections for COVID-19 and COVID-19 Delta Variant occurring in vaccinated persons. All staff must know and comply with the following:

1. All persons who travel out of state or attend a large event outside of work are required to inform their supervisor, preferably before leaving but may inform prior to return to work.

2. Before returning to work, regardless of notice as before or after travel or large event attendance, the staff member must be tested for COVID-19 and must have a negative result.

3. If a staff member declines to inform their supervisor and the supervisor or any member of management becomes aware of it, the staff member will be called in to meet with management for a discussion that may include some kind of constructive response or discipline from Catalina.

4. Once the staff member tests negative for COVID-19, they may return to work as regularly scheduled.

This interim policy will be in place until scientific data supports otherwise. This policy does not affect any other policy currently in place related to COVID-19 protocols and practices, and is in addition to anything Catalina already has in place for COVID-19 safety, hygiene readiness for work in a home care health provider company.

CIHS is always about caring, supporting and enriching the lives of our clients and caregivers. Ensuring their safety and well-being is our top priority.