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Ageism in Home Care

At Catalina In-Home Services we want to promote respect, dignity and compassion by training our caregivers to follow the philosophy of anti-ageism. If you’re an older adult, or have a strong relationship with one, you probably have witnessed ageism in either subtle or direct ways. One way may be that the healthcare provider you took your dad to spoke directly to you and not to him. Maybe as a caregiver you do too much for your loved one that robs them of their independence. We are careful to train our caregivers not to call their clients “ honey” or “sweetie”. Also, not to use a sing-songy voice or talk loud just assuming that the person is deaf. We also let them know the actual capabilities of the client so that they can allow them to do as many tasks as possible themselves.

Quoting from an article by Corecubed, 82% of older Americans stated that they regularly experience ageism. Labeling someone or pigeon-holing them into a stereotype because of their age limits their competence and who they really are.

Our Catalina staff emphasizes that the clients are individuals, real people. We want our clients to have the best quality of life possible, and that means getting to know them as a person and creating conversations that are relevant and respectful of their experiences.

It may take more time and more patience to allow the client to button their shirt or feed themselves, but it is necessary to promote independence. If you look carefully at our website the images we use to portray older adults show them as vital, interesting individuals. As and active 73 year old, I can relate to the importance of being seen and treated as a high functioning and contributing member of society.

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