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Advocacy for Seniors & Elders in AZ

Catalina In-Home Services is proud to be an advocate for Seniors and Caregivers.

In an October 2nd op-ed piece published in the Arizona Daily Star, Catalina’s owner and founder Judy Clinco, RN, BSN, responded to an article about the Arizona Departments of Health Services inability to keep up with reports of elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes.  Articulated as a collision between skyrocketing demand and “spiraling cost with inadequate funding,” Judy incisively cuts to the heart of the matter by identifying dangerously low state reimbursements to cover cost of care.

Citing the Arizona’s Longterm Care System, also know as ALTCS, the branch of AZ’s state Medicaid that fund care for economically disadvantage seniors, the daily reimbursement per patient in a nursing home setting is currently $166.  The reimbursement must cover room, meals, caregiving and nursing, board, medications, and disposable mediations.

To read the AZ Daily Star’s original article about the state falling behind on complaints of abuse and neglect visit Audit: Arizona slow to investigate abuse, neglect complaints at nursing homes and to read Judy’d entire response in full visit Local Opinion: Nursing-home audit reveals big problems: No surprise here