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A Friend in Need

Recently, a good friend of mine took a nose dive. They have a chronic condition that can be unpredictable, causing crises here and there. Many times in the past they’ve had to go to the hospital when there’s been a worsening of their condition. Luckily, they are a client of Catalina In-Home Services.

Here is what has been happening in the last year or so. Instead of being rushed off to the emergency room and hospitalized, they just increase their care from 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, to 24-Hour care. This way my friend can stay at home, get IV therapy, and /or change medications if necessary, and have a healthcare provider nearby at all times. Our caregivers are trained to report to our 24/7 nurses about any changes in a client’s condition. And, because our caregivers are the cream of the crop, they all have enormously well developed intuition. This means that even if there aren’t obvious physical changes the caregiver can sense in a client that they really care about that something is different. Sometimes that makes the difference between getting help to prevent a crisis and having to rush off to the hospital.

Plus, family and friends can relax knowing that this client is being supervised by professionals all of the time. Furthermore, the client can feel more at ease, confident, as well as more comfortable. They know that they are being looked after and supported to stay at home which is where they really want to be. It’s more familiar, peaceful and a better healing environment.

Even without my nursing background, I personally find that knowing Catalina In-Home Services is there supporting my friend helps me feel more relaxed, at ease and relieved. Wouldn’t we all like to have this kind of support?